Kasbah D'IF *****



The serenity of the body and soul

Our spa, built into the rock at the doorstep of the Agafay Desert, is a place where body and soul come together for relaxation and rejuvenation. It offers a unique sensory journey, where each treatment and ritual is a promise of well-being and serenity, helping to dispel stress and tension. Here, the traditional hammam reigns supreme, with its soothing vapors that open the pores and free the mind, allowing for complete rest and deep relaxation. Our personalized body treatments are crafted with bespoke cosmetology, ensuring a tailored experience. The spa has been designed to provide you with a unique and unforgettable well-being experience, completely secluded from any stress, and boasting an ideal location for rejuvenation. Nestled into the rock on the hillside, in total harmony with the surrounding nature, it offers an incredible view of the desert and the mountains.

Kasbah D'IF


In addition to two traditional hammams, the spa features a sensory journey with an 80m2 pool equipped with various types of massages, a Rain mist corridor, a snow fountain, and a sauna. It has been designed to provide a unique sensory experience where each of your senses will be awakened. For a moment, you will forget the bustling world outside, experiencing a calming, revitalizing, and stress-relieving effect on your body and soul. Our attentive staff, trained in personalized care techniques, will guide you through the different facilities of the spa. It offers four massage rooms, two traditional hammams including a VIP Duo section, and scrub rooms. Take the time to recharge, to treat yourself to a moment of relaxation, a place where time stands still, for your utmost delight. Here, you will discover the quintessential Moroccan ritual: the delicate traditional scrub. This form of relaxing and regenerating massage involves rubbing and kneading the muscles and skin with traditional Moroccan black soap made from natural ingredients. This treatment is considered an effective means of relaxation and revitalization, helping to relieve muscle pain and tension. During the ritual, you will be accompanied by a hammam professional called 'kessala,' named after the glove used 'kessa,' which exfoliates the skin.

The spa is a sanctuary of well-being, where you will find the best skincare brands that cater to the specific needs of each individual. You will be transported into a unique sensory journey where calmness and relaxation reign supreme. Our therapists, beauticians, and hairstylists will be attentive to fulfill your every wish. A thorough assessment will be conducted based on your needs and profile, providing you with a personalized treatment protocol. For guests seeking the utmost privacy and a more luxurious and personalized experience, we offer a VIP duo room where you can share an exceptional moment of sweetness with your partner or friends. The choice of products is essential to make your experience unforgettable. We have carefully selected two innovative brands that are effective and made exclusively from natural ingredients. [Brand Name] is a local brand, the only cosmetics brand in the world that combines the extract of argan leaf in synergy with argan oil. [Brand Name] is a French cosmetology house that aims to offer the best of targeted and personalized active cosmetics. As every skin is unique, a customized treatment is provided. They guarantee complete transparency in their formulas, honest discourse, traceability of raw materials, and maximum effectiveness. All our therapists regularly undergo training with these two brands to ensure that you receive the best care possible.