Kasbah D'IF *****



An oasis of freshness where olive trees and bougainvilleas flourish

The central patio, adorned with its ornamental basin, is the perfect place to start your day by savoring a hearty and delicious breakfast. A traditional Moroccan breakfast will be served, composed of essential Moroccan flavors. A fine selection from the bakery, various traditional Moroccan pancakes, freshly squeezed juices, hot beverages, and freshly picked fruits from our orchard. In the heart of the Kasbah, the central patio and pergola offer you a view of the picturesque architecture of the earth fortress. Everything invites you to savor this gentle moment. Quality products take center stage, and authentic Moroccan cuisine delights you with rich and flavorful tastes to please your palate. Breakfast at the Kasbah is an unparalleled moment of happiness, where you can rejuvenate and indulge in a charming and wonderful setting. Dinners at the AL MASSAA RESTAURANT are also served there on certain evenings.

Kasbah D'IF

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